17 April 2014

What the Equality Commission Can Offer


The Equality Commission offers independent, free and confidential advice to everyone who has rights or responsibilities under equality legislation.

The Commission can provide information, advice and training on equality and anti-discrimination law relating to such things as age, disability, race, gender, political opinion and section 75.

Whilst the Commission offers advice and assistance to people who believe they have been discriminated against they also have a strong emphasis on informing, educating and promoting equality issues. The Commission has prepared a wide range of leaflets, good practice guides and reports on such issues as Section 75 guide for Public Authorities, decisions and settlements reviews, case studies and assistance on developing an equality policy for service provision.

The Equality Commission can be contacted on Tel: 028 90 890 890, Textphone: 028 90 500 589, Email:information@equalityni.org, Web www.equalityni.org

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