18 April 2014

Presenting the Bioregions Project


The Bioregions project is an EU funded project which supports the creation of “bioenergy regions” in rural areas of Europe.

Such regions aim to get at least 1/3 of their heating and electricity needs from local and sustainable bioenergy sources, with a focus on solid biomass.

Building on the best practices developed in the most advanced bioenergy regions in Europe, the project is currently supporting the creation of five new bioenergy regions, including County Westmeath (Ireland) with others in Sredna Gora (Bulgaria), Slavicin and Brumov-Bylnice (Czech Republic), Trieves (France),  and Limbazi (Latvia).

The project also aims at inspiring other rural areas of Europe to follow the example of the target regions.  The BioRegions project was set in motion in May 2010 and its consortium is made up of 13 partners from 10 European countries.

For more information on the Bioregions project or if you are interested in starting up a bioregion in your area log onto  http://www.bioregions.eu/

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