17 April 2014

Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs


A programme funded by the European Commission is enabling rural entrepreneurs from Northern Ireland to spend up to 6 months gaining ‘hands on’ management experience with established businesses on the continent.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme offers potential (and recently established) start-ups the opportunity to learn practical business lessons via placements with entrepreneurs in other EU countries.

The programme also allows rural businesses in Northern Ireland to build their European networks and mentor tomorrow’s business people by facilitating ‘in country’ placements for new entrepreneurs from other EU member states.

Castlereagh Enterprises deliver the programme across Northern Ireland and are keen to speak to both Host Entrepreneurs (business owners who wish to benefit from working with a skilled, motivated new entrepreneur from another country) and New Entrepreneurs (start-ups keen to spend time abroad learning the ropes about managing your own business). 

Grants are available to help cover travel, accommodation and living costs associated with the placements. Placements will last from 1 to 6 months and should be completed by the end of Sept 2012. Castlereagh Enterprises liaise with partner organisations throughout Europe to identify individuals with the skills needed by NI businesses and source suitable placements abroad for our New Entrepreneurs.  There is no upper age limit for participating in the programme; anyone who is over 18 can take part.

For further information contact Sean Keenan on 028 90 557557, email sean.keenan@castlereagh.com or visit http://www.castlereagh.com/programmes/viewdetails.asp?ID=20 or www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu
Erasmus for Young Enterprise is an initiative of the European Union aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and business cooperation in Europe.

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