21 April 2014

North East Region LAG Call for Applications


NER Calls for new applications to the RDP

From Monday 29th August 2011until Friday 28th October, applications will be invited from the rural areas of Ballymena, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Larne and Moyle Councils for:

Measure 3.1 – Farm Diversification

Measure 3.2 – Business Creation & Development

Measure 3.3 – Tourism Infrastructure

Measure 3.4 – Access to Basic Services

Measure 3.6 – Conservation & Heritage

Applications must be received in the office prior to 4.00pm on Friday 28th October 2011.

Applications should be completed online at the www.eugrants.org website. 

If internet access is unavailable paper copies can be obtained by contacting programme staff or by downloading the form from the www.northeastrdp.com website.

Guidance notes are available for downloading on the www.northeastrdp.com website and programme staff are also available for further assistance. 

All potential applicants are encouraged to contact programme staff to check project eligibility prior to completing an application form.

North East Region, Ecos Centre, Ballymena, BT43 7QA.  Tel: (028) 2563 8263; Fax: (028) 2563 8984.  Email: northeast.rdp@ballymena.gov.uk; Website: www.northeastrdp.com



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