19 April 2014

EU Commission outlines blueprint for CAP post 2013


The European Commission has published a Communication on “the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) towards 2020 - Meeting the food, natural resources and territorial challenges of the future”.

The reform aims at making the European agriculture sector more dynamic, competitive, and effective in responding to the Europe 2020 vision of stimulating sustainable growth, smart growth and inclusive growth.

EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Dacian Ciolo said the paper underlined the importance of making the CAP “greener, fairer, more efficient and more effective”. He continued: “The CAP is not just for farmers, it is for all EU citizens - as consumers and taxpayers. It is therefore important that we design our policy in a way which is more understandable to the general public and which makes clear the public benefits that farmers provide to society as a whole. European agriculture needs to be not only economically competitive, but also environmentally competitive.” Full details of the Communication can be downloaded here

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